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and that they are investigating the incident. the suicide bombing follows an announcement on friday that the u.s. government is classifying the pakistan base, taliban-affiliated haqani network as a terrorist organization. the u.s. froze the group's assets in the united states in a move that is hardening the taliban. here's our report. >> reporter: the haqani network has repeatedly launched terrorist attacks in neighboring afghanistan. the u.s. accuses pakistan of supporting the group, but pakistan dismissed it, wh which has become a sticking point in bilateral relations. the pakistani government raised the u.s. classification in a statement and calls the move a u.s. internal member. it adds the members of the network are not pakistani citizens and pakistan cannot answer for any of their actions. the u.s. have often urged pakistan to mount military operations against the haqani network at its stronghold in northwestern pakistan. following the designation of the network as a terrorist organization, the usa could put even more pressure on pakistan to take action. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: meanwhile,
speak exclusively to nhk about their backroom negotiations with the u.s. aimed at ending the war in afghanistan. welcome to nhk world "newsline." on the front lines, u.s.-led forces are at war with the taliban. it's been like that for more than a decade. american leaders are still focused on winning, even as they're prepared to pull their combat troops out by the end of 2014. both sides have publicly refused to hold peace talks. but behind the scenes, they started negotiating in 2010. nhk world's hideki yui has been following this story, and he's the first to get interviews with members of the taliban's negotiating team. here's his exclusive story. >> reporter: u.s. and taliban negotiators have met at least five times over the past two years. most of the meetings took place in the doha. thank you very much. appreciate it. the taliban has a five-man negotiating team there. i was able to interview two of them. one of the negotiators was sayyed rasul, a religious leader who is said to have the trust of the taliban spiritual leader. >> translator: peace and reconciliation has been ou
are spreading. the growing turmoil follows tuesday' attack on a u.s. consulate in libya that killed an ambassador and three other staff. demonstrators in yemen are also targeting american diplomatic missions. they gathered in front of the heavily guarded u.s. embassy in sanaa. they chanted religious slogans. some threw stones at the buildings or attempted to climb over the walls. al arab al arabiya reports a number of people were injured. [ chanting ] protesters have been out in force again in the egyptian capital cairo. they gathered in tahrir square a few hundred meters from the u.s. embassy, which they stormed a couple of days ago. security forces tried to disperse the crowd. demonstrators fought back. health authorities say more than a dozen people were injured. protesters are angry the american-made film ridicules the prophet muhammad and includes scenes of a sexual nature. muslims object to any depiction of muhammad. >>> agents with the u.s. federal bureau of investigation are looking into whether terrorist groups were behind that attack in libya. the gunman took aim at the co
population. about 250 people gathered in front of the u.s. embassy in jakarta. authorities deployed 300 police officers to guard the compound. the rally ended after two hours without any major incident. anti-american rallies were also held in pakistan. demonstrations took place in the capital islamabad and the cities of karachi and peshawar. public anger against the united states is already strong in pakistan where u.s. air strikes targeting suspected militants regularly cause civilian casualties. >>> in egypt, several hundred demonstrators clashed with security forces near the u.s. embassy in cairo. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> authorities remain on alert ahead of possible demonstrations after the friday prayers. >>> japan's prime minister wants to change how his citizens power their homes and businesses. yoshihiko noda unveiled his long-awaited energy policy. it calls for the country to phase out nuclear power in the coming decades. the plan reflects the feelings of many japanese following last year's accident at the fukushima plant. but big business says the policy
. >>> president barack obama has tiblgtened u.s. diplomatic posts all across the world. armed men stormed the embassy. a u.s. film mocking islam prompted the attack. the gunman shoot at the guildings and tossed handmade bombs into 2 come pound sparking fires, obama issued a statement confirming that adventure christopher stevens is among the four victims. he ordered security to be increased for u.s. citizens in libya. the american-made film that sparked the attack is considered insulting to islam's profit mohammad. that film also triggered anti-american outrage in egypt. demonstrate fors assembled on the u.s. embassy in chicago. hundreds of people gathered in the compound, some of them scaled the walls. they brought down a u.s. flag and burned it. >> egypt has lost them and it has not solved any problems. >> part of the film in question has been uploaded to the internet. >>> firefighters in pakistani's biggest city of karachi continue looking for victims after a fire that swept through a clothing building. the four-story structure went up in flames on tuesday afternoon with more than 400
and foreign policy. >>> u.s. marines took to the skies over japan in an aircraft that's been a lightning rod for anger. they're testing the mv-22 osprey. american military leaders plan to station the tilt-rotor transporter in okinawa, but the aircraft has a spotty safety record, so the only place some japanese wanted to fly is back to the u.s. the first osprey slowly lifted off from the u.s. marine's air station in western japan. the aircraft's rotors pointed upward like those on a helicopter. a number of protesters gathered outside the base. they don't want ospreys flying in the skies above them. they say the aircraft is too dangerous. >> translator: the plane shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground. >> pilots flew the aircraft over water. then they tilted the rotors in a horizontal direction so it could fly like a conventional plane. the maneuver is considered the most hazardous aspect of operating this aircraft. >> translator: i'm frightened by the thought the aircraft may crash around here. >> translator: i won't oppose the test flights as long as safety is confirmed. >> u.s. personnel
to negotiate on equal footing with china, the u.s. and japan over politics and security issues as well. >> thank you hideo. the leaders of the apec members have started to arrive in vladivostok for a weekend summit. on friday president vladimir putin will give a speech at business forum. we will hear what he has to say about his policy on -- towards the asia-pacific. we also focus on china's increased economic presence in the far east. >> nhk world's karao nagao in vladivostok. >>> delegates at democratic national convention have nominated barack obama for a second term as u.s. president. the stage is now set with the showdown with republican challenger mitt romney in the november election. >> ladies and gentlemen, i have been informed that barack obama is now our party's official nominee for president of the united states of america. >> before the roll call, former u.s. president bill clinton took the stage to make his case for why voters should give obama another term. >> i want -- i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. and i proudly nominate him to be the
they are buying to get there. car dealers sold more than 3 million new vehicles last year. european and u.s. automakers investing in brazil two decades ago. now japanese producers trying to find their place in the market. we report from sao paulo. >> reporter: u.s. a weekday morning at this u.s. car dealer on the outskirts of sao paulo. but the shop is full of customers. al he wi alejandra santos bought a new car for the first time last month. it cost clothes to $19,000, close to what she and her husband make in a year. she is paying for it in installments. >> translator: it's so comfortable to drive and it's affordable to me. the seats are very nice. and the design suits my taste. >> reporter: some economic stability has prompted brazilians to buying new cars. compacts account for 60%. most of them from europe and the u.s. one leading u.s. carmaker has unveiled 1,000 new compact models over the past year. cheaper than any vehicle of its rivals but price isn't the only factor. >> translator: we are making new cars in brazil for brazilians. we design and equip cars to suit brazilians' taste
u.s. recovery. boj board members downgraded their assessment of the japanese economy. they say weaker domestic production and exports have put a pause on the pickup in activity. at a news conference that followed the meeting, bank of japan governor masaaki shirakawa stated that immediate action was needed to keep the economy going. >> translator: we judged today that further monetary easing was necessary now. that is to ensure the japanese economy does not derail from a sustainable growth track with price stability. shares.japan airlines have made their highly anticipated return to the tokyo stock exchange. the relisting capped one of the fastest corporate turnarounds ever by a japanese company. the stock price rose modestly in the first day of trading. that gave the carrier a market value of about $8.6 billion. this is said to be the world's second largest listing this year after facebook. nhk world has more. >> reporter: share trading in japan airlines kicked off when the tokyo markets opened this morning. it was the first time for -- the stock traded since the firm went bank
in the u.s. when it's finished next year. some people worry that memories of the terror attacks are as painful as other. others say people who weren't affecting are gradually forgetting the event as anniversaries come and go. >>> china's foreign ministry spokesperson has urged japan to withdraw its decision on the purchase of disputed islands in the east china sea. the japanese government bought the senkaku islands from a private japanese owner on tuesday. japan controls the islands, but they are claimed by china and taiwan. >> japan's decision is completely illegitimate and invalid. we demand that they immediately cancel it. >> hong said chinese officials will convey a similar demand to a visiting japanese senior diplomat. the foreign agency bureau chief toshiyuki shiga -- shinsuke sugiyama is there to explain the decision. >> translator: i hope i can have a full discussion about various matters of concern with the chinese officials. >> protests have been held in some chinese cities against japan's move. about 20 people gathered in front of the japanese embassy in beijing on tu
the comment in a feature interview with nhk. ahmadinejad is visiting the u.s. to attend the annual u.n. general assembly. he says iranian scientists are producing uranium enriched to 20% to use it for the radiological treatment of diseases such as cancer. western leaders say the production of such high-density uranium could help iran develop atomic weapons. ahmadinejad is emphasizing his country's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. >> translator: obviously, we are opposed to nuclear weapons. our slogan is all countries should have the right of peaceful use of nuclear power. all countries should eradicate nuclear weapons. >> ahmadinejad says if western countries provide iran with uranium with around 20% density, his country will stop its production. he suggests iranian negotiators are willing to compromise in nuclear talks with six countries, the five permanent members of the u.n. security council and germany. the discussions are stalled. >> translator: our negotiating stance has been that if western countries provide 20% enriched uranium, we have no intention of producing it.
the destroyer does not need to come into port because the drill will take place out at sea. u.s. commanders lead the exercise every year. sailors practice preventing trafficking in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. >>> diplomatic ties between japan and south korea have been strained over the territorial dispute. but that hasn't stopped officials from many companies in the two countries from talking business. representatives from some 230 companies got together in seoul on tuesday in an event sponsored by the two governments to help promote bilateral trade. about 50 of these companies are from japan. they are interested in buying machine tools, cameras, lighting equipment, and other products from south korea. japan imports of south korean machinery parts that are growing due to a weak wen and the improved quality of various products. >> translator: i don't know how the territorial issue is affecting our political situation, but as far as business is concerned, i see no specific problems. >> translator: we should help each other to produce things effectively at all costs. in terms of busi
right. that was kaori nagao in vladivostok. she will be covering the apec summit saturday. >>> u.s. president barack obama has made a bid for re-election at the democratic party's national convention in charlotte, north carolina. he told the delegates the vote in november is a choice of a generation, and he called on supporters to join him again. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> barack obama wrapped up the democratic national convention by asking voters to consider what the election is all about. >> on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> obama delivered his message to delegates and to millions of americans watching on television. he responded to voters' concerns about the economy, promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no
siberia, they are carried by train to vladivostok port for export. compared to the 1990s, the volume of these exports has jumped three to four times. >> translator: the development is giving hope to vladivostok residents, especially the young. i want the city to become an asia-pacific hub. >> translator: i think it's good to improve infrastructure like making bridges. but i'm doubtful if we can be better off. >> reporter: nhk world's vladivostok bureau chief joins us now. you heard in reports that some people in vladivostok don't seem to be very happy with the city's development. why is that? >> i think the fruits of russia's growing economy haven't been fully distributed to people here. the highways around the city have been given a huge overhaul, but little has been done yet to develop downtown areas. seen from moscow, the far east is an extremely remote region. residents usually move away from this area if they find jobs in moscow. russians have long said this region needs a base where people and information are all available. russian leader are determined to develop vladivostok.
pled to the u.s. consulate in february. officials cited bo for violating party discipline. they suspended him from the post he held in the political bureau. then in july, police charged bo's wife and her aide with murdering british businessman neil haywood. a chinese court handed her a suspended death sentence in august. bo's abuse of power allegation is tied to the role he played in the haywood case. >>> making a decision on bo's future frees up chinese leaders to focus on their transition of power. delegates from across the country will convene in beijing to attend november's congress. the meeting happens every five years. delegates to the 18th congress of the chinese communist party are expected to approve new policies. they will also appoint the next generation of party leaders. vice president xi jinping is slated to succeed hu jintao and assume top post of the communist party. analysts are focusing on the appointments and policy decisions that are made under the new leadership. >>> people in northern japan watched work come to a halt on a nuclear plant there following
puted territory in the east china sea. japan controls t s ths the senk islands. china and taiwan also claim them. roughly 2,000 demonstrators in the northeastern city of shenyang gathered in front of the japanese consulate general. some of them threw stones and plastic bottles at the building, shattering a number of windows. the demonstrators also tossed bottles at a nearby japanese restaurant. more than 5,000 people joined the protest in front of the japanese embassy in beijing. the crowd channelled the disputed island should be returned to china. some protesters threw plastic bottles and eggs into the compound. several thousand police officers are protecting the agency. that's the largest number since the protests began last week. more than 10,000 people have been demonstrating near the japanese koconsulate general in shanghai. police are assigned to ask for groups of about 100 protesters. online reports say people living in inland chinese cities will hold demonstrations as well. tuesday also marks the anniversary of the incident that led japan to dispatch troops to manchuria in nor
nobusuke kishi led japan in the late 1950s. into 1960. his father shintaro abe served as a foreign minister. abe promised to use his experience to revise the constitution and to reform education. so abe has a lot of political know-how and a profile. shery ahn spoke earlier with our senior commentator to find out what his return as ldp leader means for voters. >> quite a turn of events. does this mean abe could once again be prime minister. >> well that's possible, i think. liberal democrats ruled japan for most of the time since world war ii. voters got tired and fed up. then they kicked the ldp out of power three years ago. the democrats took over. but then the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster last year set the government back. the latest polls suggest that many japanese feel that the democrats have shown little leadership and that the ldp will win the most seats in the lower house in the next general election. so the new party leader, abe, could well become japan's next prime minister. >> so now as party leader what will abe be pushing for? >> abe has said that the democrats have
the japanese flag from the ambassador's car. the suspects are in their 20s. police say both men admitted to taking the flag. they say the men were unhappy with relations with japan. police say they will detain them for five days under public security control law. embassy staff say officials briefed them on the decision. embassy employee demanded japanese officials guarantee safety of those from china. >>> a military exercise was part after yearly training event. the landing drill had been scheduled by south korea in four days of training around takeshima. they held a meeting last week and decided to scrap the exercise. the president's visit to the island last month was enough to show his resolve to protect the territory. the official also says the landing exercise was not intended to provoke a war with a friendly make. takeshima is controlled by south korea but japan says it is part of their prefecture. >>> nearly 5,000 people died in syria last month. among them was a japanese freelance journalist. she was fatally shot while reporting from aleppo. back in japan, her closest colleague is
including medical equipment manufacturers. war and economic sanctions since the 1990s with a serious shortage of facilities and development. they need more doctors and nurses that hampered the efforts to rebuild. the representatives told the officials they will provide support in building hospitals and work to promote the export of medical development to iraq and train personnel to operate such devices. >> translator: we will work with the japanese government to raise the medical capabilities. >> the equipment maker official added that his company hopes to provide devices that will best suit iraq's needs. government officials trying to find more places to dispose of radioactive debris created by the accident at fukushima. an official said they found a second site to put the west that includes mud and ash located in a national forest. senior vice environment minster met with the governor to discuss the plan. that's south of fukushima. he said they chose the forest browse it's far from residential areas and offers space and can with stand earthquakes and torrential rains. he needs to
to enter their second week in china. japan's foreign minister has met the u.s. defense secretary to discuss how to defuse the dispute. relations with china have been shaken since japan nationalized the senkaku islands, triggering the protests. china and taiwan also claim the islands. koichiro gemba and leon panetta met in tokyo on monday. gemba said his government plans to resolve calmly based on a broad perspective. the two men agreed to work together to further damage japan's relationship with beijing. speaking afterwards, gemba urged the chinese government to maintain law and order. >> translator: it's unfortunate that anti-japanese protests have become so big and that some have turned violent and inflicted damage on japanese businesses. >> later in the day, panetta also met with japan's defense minister satoshi morimoto. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s./japan security treaty, but he added that the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states, as a matter of policy, does n
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